Covid 19 Update, 


We are now only open for small UK orders ,


please limit your order to no more that £30 and


up to 12 " in length (25 hole parts) this will


enable us to  post in our local post box and avoid


going to the post office and the risks


that involves. Online only no cheques


We are very sorry for the inconvenience, we send you all our


best wishes, stay safe and well

Frank and Tricia




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Parts in Meccano colours and special offers 


New Meccano Zinc parts 


Perforated Strips
perforated strips


Narrow Strips  


Connecting & Slotted Strips 


Angle Girders




Narrow Angle Girders


Flat Girders 

Curved Strips & Girders



L  Section and Double L Section
Angle Girders


U Section Angle Girders


Double Angle Strips

Delrin Gears



Flanged Plates

Flat Plates 

Flexible Plates

Double Braced Girders
& Girder Strips



Large Brackets & Trunnions  



Meccano 5/32 Screwed Rods,
also 4mm Metric & 6mm Metric


Standard Axles

Large Axles & Axle Parts


Special Parts 


Roller Chain & Sprokets



Nuts, Bolts & Fixings

Brass Parts 

Distance Sleeves, Rods & Distance Ring 


Motors, Electrical Parts & Tools

 Circular Parts 


Bossed Parts




Meccano Magazines & Manuals

 Meccano Used Parts 

 Hanks of Cord



Worm Gears

Windows, Stairs & Ladders


Driving Bands