Brass Parts, Collars, Couplings etc



(BP2) Handrail Coupling

Brass, 4mm threads, includes grubscrews, Meccano Part no 136a


(BP3) Standard Collar

Brass, 5/32" Thread, with grubscrew, Meccano Part no 59, 


(BP5) Aero Collar

Brass, 4mm Thread, with grubscrew, Meccano Part no 59a


(BP41) 4 hole Collar

Meccano Part no 140y, made from solid brass with Meccano threads

UK Made


(bp40) Anti Vibration Mount / Buffer

Made from solid brass with a sythnetic rubber insert, ideal underneath Meccano models to reduce vibratiion and noise, the base is threaded to fix with a Meccano bolt. This part can also be used as a Buffer stop.

Total length approx 15 mm long

Threaded base can be Meccano 5/32" or Metric m 4 (4mm), Please choose option below

UK Made

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