Brass Parts, Collars, Couplings etc



(BP2) Handrail Coupling

Brass, 4mm threads, includes grubscrews, Meccano Part no 136a


(BP3) Standard Collar

Brass, 5/32" Thread, with grubscrew, Meccano Part no 59,†


(BP5) Aero Collar

Brass, 4mm Thread,†with grubscrew,†Meccano Part no 59a


(BP26) Long Universal Boss (solid Brass)

As above in Brass but with a longer threaded section to enable you to fix on thicker materials such as plywood, available in two sizes for materials up to 6mm thick and 12mm thick, please choose option below

6mm long £2.30

12mm long £2.50

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